400 Lamp

400 lamp

The 400 Lamp is inspired by Scandinavian culture, reflecting their core values of design and specifically, the mentality of a welcoming and warm home amongst a cold and depressing outside environment. 

This shade is original in its materiality. It is a combination of thinly sliced American white oak veneer, bonded to a layer of clear acrylic, shaped into pentagons using a laser cutter. This combination demonstrates the strong characteristics of each material. The natural grain lines of the timber are enhanced by the structural integrity of the clear acrylic, allowing light to pierce through the grain, radiating a firey yet warm and comforting light. 

The pieces are tied together with a natural white twine, hand stitched over countless hours giving a modest human touch. The shade is fitted with a brass lamp holder switch and white fabric wrapped electrical cable that runs freely to power plug.

This lamp can be freely positioned to suit the user’s need. From a mood light on the floor, or sitting on a side table, it can even act as more of a directional light on a desk with the open end exposed to flood an area with light. The pendant also has the capacity to be hung from a ceiling singular or in a cluster above a counter top.


H 250mm x W 250mm x L 250mm


Tasmanian White Oak / Clear Acrylic


Price on application - Made to order (via contact)