Cold Drip Tower


Cold Drip Tower

The Cold Drip Tower sees me express my two loves - design and coffee. My time working in the industry revealed that making coffee is as much a craft as designing furniture; a lot goes into your flat white!

I had a desire to contribute to that industry but did not see the room, with brilliant designs of boutique specialty machines already flourishing. That’s when I noticed cold drip.

Cold drip coffee is a patient process where water is slowly dripped into ground coffee, which filters into a jug and is poured over ice ready to drink. This sounds simple but I learned that this process, like espresso coffee, requires sound knowledge and quality produce. 

Done well cold drip coffee allows the drinker to notice the complex subtleties of the bean, removing much of the overpowering acidity and bitterness seen in espresso. 

A clean and cool finish makes cold drip more suited to an Australian summer during the day and for espresso martini’s at night. It is a drink that has not received due attention thanks to our infatuation with espresso. 


Where I saw cold drip sold, I noticed them set up in the corner of the store – a forgotten by product – with spindly stands that could have been done in high school woodwork.  We can do better. 

This design creates a modern showpiece, intended to catch the eye, promoting conversation but more importantly, sales. Generating patron interest in the design and therefore the process of their coffee, allows a barista to share knowledge and build relationships, while also adding to the diversity of café culture.

When a customer understands that a café takes cold drip seriously, they will take cold drip seriously. The Cold Drip Stand takes this seriously.


A decade of knowledge and experience went into folding the steel frame; it may look simple but like cold drip itself, was a complex and challenging part to produce. Each level required perfect concentric alignment for it to be a successful form.  The frame is fitted with hand turned timber components crafted by local wood worker @rehmanncreations. These components are specifically designed to secure the glassware chosen. 

The collaboration between myself as designer, the steel machinist and timber craftsman allowed for the resolution of finer details and made it fun to work on. With customisation of the powder coat and timber, as well as graphic options with business logos, the collaborative process continues right into the café.

H 950mm x W 400mm x L 400mm

Powder Coated Steel / Turned Timbers / Glass Componantry

Price on application - Made to order (via contact)