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by liam knowles


I was never satisfied, even as a kid, unless I had a project on the go. It did not matter what it was, as long as I was putting my creative energy into something my family and friends could enjoy. My first love was bikes. Putting them together and pulling them apart, becoming familiar with the process of how things worked and pushing myself to improve them. Year 12 Design and Technology was a foundational one for me. Forgoing lunch breaks and free periods to build my family's new entertainment unit confirmed that this was what I wanted to do with myself. We still use and receive compliments on that unit today. The creative process of designing something simple to use and suitable for the space, hooked me. The practical labour of putting it all together, is a joy. 

Studying Industrial Design was the next logical step, giving me an opportunity to consider my passion in a professional capacity. To round out my 4 years of study I was granted an internship at Hunt Furniture. This was a special opportunity for me as I was inspired by his work during my years of study. I got to see what its like to run a design, manufacturing business in Adelaide from behind the scenes which is something you cannot put a price on. 

Quickly after finishing my studies I was offered a job as a project manager in the product development sector for Nectre (the company who I completed my post-grad project in conjunction with), an Australian wood heater manufacture who come under Pecan Engineering. This job has allowed me to further develop my design skills in areas that connect to business, marketing and manufacturing.  I am further developing my skills in metal work processes like, folding, welding, laser cutting, casting, rolling and milling.  The role of a project manager at Nectre has allowed me to take designs from a concept stage all the way to market for the company. These are skills that cannot be taught in a class room and have rapidly developed my abilities over the last year.   

As you explore this website, you will be able to see what I have been working on, as part of my studies, as commissions from clients and simply for my own enjoyment.   


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2008 - 12:  Concordia College, South Australia
2013 - 15:  Bachelor of Product Design, University of South Australia
2016 - 17:  Graduate Diploma in Design (Industrial Design), University of South Australia

Industry Experience

2017:  Internship @ Hunt Furniture - http://www.huntfurniture.com.au/ 

2017:  Project Manager - Nectre - https://www.nectre.com/

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