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Revolver Work Lamp

Revolver Work Lamp

The Revolver Work Lamp was a major project as part of the second year of a Bachelor of Product Design at the University of South Australia. The brief was to create a floor lamp using only two different materials.  

Four layers of bendy plywood were laminated and glued together using a mould inside a vacuum bag, producing a consistent curvature. Once dried, the plywood was shaped and finished by hand. The second material was aluminium, used to produce the joints and counterweights of the floor lamp.

In order to engineer a simple revolving motion around the axels, a thrust bearing was positioned between the joints to ensure a smooth transition. Aluminium counterweights were also used as leverage to create balance. 

The electrical wiring moves freely through the centre point of its axis of revolution, due to the hollow cores within the joints. This enabled a well constructed and organised cable management system.

H 2100mm x W 500mm x L 1500mm

Bendy Plywood / Aluminium