The Queue

The Queue Vinyl console

What is it about vinyl that sounds so good? Authenticity – it sounds real.

Vinyl doesn’t just sound better; it’s fun. The ritual of playing a record is its own joy that invites us to interact and be kinetically involved with the music. We play with our record collections; collections that are displayed with pride, not hidden in the cloud. 

The Queue vinyl console celebrates these simple pleasures with a clean and functional design. 

The frame is made from Australian oak using simple joinery methods that creates structural integrity in the piece. It is then overlaid with hoop pine plywood that has been cut and detailed on a CNC machine. Wax is applied to both materials and brings out the natural grain of both the oak and hoop pine. It is hand buffed leaving a silky satin finish and leaves a pleasant herbal aroma. Hand stitched, leather handles; open to reveal vast storage space for amplifiers as well as extra records while also hiding away cables for a clean tidy face.

The Wing sits in either side of the console and is an engaging and unique way to store and flick through a collection, with album art displayed in full view for greater enjoyment. Made from a steel rod, which is bent and powder coated, it is then wrapped and hand stitched with vegetable tanned leather. 

Machined into the top of the console is the queue itself, which works in conjunction with the wing. Proudly displaying nine records the queue allows a playlist of feature artists to be built while also aiding in the change records without all the fumbling around. 

These two features are the greatest triumphs of the console being both unique yet intuitive and incredibly fun to use, playing right into the ritual of vinyl music.

H 860mm x W 560mm x L 1200mm

Australian Oak / Hoop Pine Plywood / Vegetable Tan Leather / Steel Rod

Price on application - Made to order (via contact)