X Stool

X Stool

The X Stool pays homage to Japanese architect, Tadeo Andos and his ‘Dream Chair’, displaying the concept of simplicity and the interplay of open and closed spaces. 

American oak and bendy ply are brought to their limitations and stretched to emphasise flowing curvature and clean symmetrical lines allowing it fit comfortable in any urban setting. 

Ando’s work with concrete is recognised here with grey felt, displaying the cool elegance of concrete with a more welcoming tactile material.

Practically, X Stool does not revile any joinery, however can still be simply disassembled for transport, repair and recycling. The design does not look to dominate a room, but enjoys captivating intrigue as it plays with lights and shadows which roll off its different faces. 

H 500mm x W 450mm x L 450mm

American Oak / Bendy Plywood / Felt

N/A - Prototype